1. 29 August 2014

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  2. Gundam head detailthis one is going to be ridiculous

    Gundam head detail
    this one is going to be ridiculous

  3. yimmyayo:

Grateful Twin


    Grateful Twin

  4. Shamus Clisset @ Postmasters Gallery NYC →

    Enter The Space God…

    people in New York, come check out my show at POSTMASTERS,
    opening on September 6th:

    Shamus Clisset (aka FakeShamus)
    Space God / Magic Guy

    September 6 - October 11, 2014
    Reception Saturday, September 6, 5:30-8pm

    Postmasters Gallery
    located at 54 Franklin Street in Tribeca

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the OILY MANIAC (1975)


    the OILY MANIAC (1975)

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Bob Rafto


    Bob Rafto

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